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Quality Is Life, Delivery Time Is Soul
- May 15, 2018 -


        On May 14th, two shipments were shipped from Shenyang Yuancheng Express to Guangzhou, but they were detained by the Foshan cargo station after they arrived at the Foshan cargo terminal. The reason was that the shipping charges owed by Shenyang Yuancheng Logistics to the Foshan cargo station. Now the two cargo terminals did not give priority to the interests of the customers and the timeliness of the cargo. They had just communicated with the Shenyang Yuancheng Express Manager for nearly an hour. They let us wait until they sued, and said nothing about the loss we had caused to our customers. Now we are going to Shenyang YuanCheng Express Company to report to their leadership General Manager Mao, but This manager said he was very tough. We want to know who can give us a compensation agreement on behalf of Yuancheng Express. They actually said no!

        Seeing that our customers' equipments were shipped out on the afternoon of the day after tomorrow, Mr. Li  decided immediately to re-produce 1,000 filter bags to Guangdong customers at the fastest speed, and transport them to Guangzhou on the second day to fight for the goods sent to the customer's warehouse on the same day. We will not allow customers to suffer secondary economic losses due to the late arrival of our filter bags.

        We have the spirit of "quality is life, delivery time is the soul", a principle of service to ensure that the company's after-sales service can be more and more perfect and timely!

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