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Our Excellent Team
- Sep 10, 2018 -

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Fushun New Oriental Industrial Filtration Co., Ltd. is a professional company that integrates technology development, manufacturing and domestic and foreign trade as filter materials and bag dust removal accessories.  

Our company has a high-quality scientific and technological team, constantly developing new filter materials according to market demand; there is a marketing team that dares to open up the market and is not afraid of danger in the fierce market competition; there is a well-trained and hard-working staff team. , to improve the product; add a set of strict and pragmatic management system and modern corporate philosophy, so that 'Oriental' brand filter material has won the trust of many host companies. It has won the favor of customers in various industries such as non-ferrous smelting, black smelting, building materials, chemicals, food, medicine, etc., and its market share has gradually expanded, and its sales revenue has increased year by year.

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