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Industrial high temperature resistance aramid(aromatic polyamide) fiber waterproof filter bag
- Oct 24, 2017 -
Poly (two) glass temperature 69 ℃, softening range 230~240℃, melting point 255~260℃, with good fiber, mechanical properties, wear resistance, creep resistance, low water absorption and electrical insulation properties. Pet first by the British J.R Winfield, j.t Dixon in 1941 by the use of terephthalic acid dimethyl ester and ethylene glycol polycondensation. Because of its good fiber-forming properties, the British BU-door chemical Industry company in 1948 conducted an industrial experimental study, used as polyester fiber. The same year by the United States DuPont produced pet film. In the 50 's, the number of countries that realized industrialized production gradually increased.

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