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Features of filter bags
- Sep 11, 2018 -

The filter bag can be used in both industrial production and scientific experimental life, and its material type, specification and even use are different from each other. Therefore, when we choose this product, we must choose according to our actual situation.

So what we're going to do is we're going to find out what the features are?

1. There is no high protuberance after the improvement of pocket mouth suture, so the phenomenon of lateral leakage caused by the absence of needle eye will not occur.

2. The filter bag materials are classified into polyester, polypropylene nylon and other types, with wide range of filtration accuracy and high accuracy.

3. The label marked with product specifications and models on the filter bag shall be adopted in a manner that is easy to remove. The purpose is to prevent contamination of filtrate by labels and ink in use.

4. The filter bag will not cause silicon oil pollution, because it is designed to be manufactured by high-speed industrial sewing machine without silicon oil cooling.

The features of the filter bag largely determine the effect of our use. Therefore, in order to make good use of the product, we should first start from understanding its features. I hope you can pay special attention to it.

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