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- Aug 28, 2018 -


Power Plant

Electric power plant

The major bag filters using Coal-fired power plants’ filter extension are:

1.PPS: applying to gas treatment of the sulfur coal.

Application condition:

Flue gas temperature: 120℃-160℃

The amount of SO2< 800 mg/m3

The amount of NOX< 700 mg/Nm3

The amount of O2< 8%

Ash specification< 30%

Velocity of filtering: 1.0 m/min

Filter resistance: 1300Pa -1500Pa

2.PPS+P84 composite filter materials, P84: accounting for 20%(properly)

Comparing to general PPS filter materials, it has higher temperature resistance, better permeability, and the function of the reducing resistance and more efficiency.

3.PPS+PTFE composite filter materials:

PTFE: accounting for 30%, comparing to general PPS filter materials, it has many advantages such as low temperature resistance, resistance to high temperature(200℃) and oxidation resistance and so on.

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