Industrial Anti-abrasion Aramid(aromatic Polyamide) Fiber Antistatic Film Coated Filter Cloth (needled Felt)

Our company is the authorized producer for the “NOMEX” filtration material of the fiber department of Dupont group China. NOMEX® fiber has the characteristics of heat and flame retardant. The continuous working temperature is 204℃ and instantaneous working temperature is 240℃. Its unique...

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Our company is the authorized producer for the “NOMEX” filtration material of the fiber department of Dupont group China. NOMEX® fiber has the characteristics of heat and flame retardant. The continuous working temperature is 204℃ and instantaneous working temperature is 240℃. Its unique structure if β-aromatic ring and the key link between conjugate amine very strong. It can resist the chemical attack. Therefore, NOMEX® will not melt or drop, even explode the high temperature environment for long time. It will only be scorched(LOI: limit oxygen index is 29%). But in general the hot flue gas contains not only water but also mixed with acid gases and other impurities, such as: sulfur oxide, hydrochloric acid, nitric oxide, calcium hydroxide etc. These gases will accelerate the hydrolysis reactions of the filtration bag (NOMEX regain rate of water is 4.5%). Especially when the dust collection room is below the dew point of acid, the hydrolysis effect is more serious. Therefore, we recommend that the temperature of the dust catcher should be controlled at 20℃ above the dew point while using NOMEX® filtration bag. The filtration bag is the best choice for the dust collection for the fields of asphalt-stirring, steel, cement and other high-temperature conditions.

NOMEX is the trade name of the high temperature resistant non-woven needled felt made with the fiber produced by Dupont US, CONEX is that of the product made with the fiber produced by Tejin Japan.

The filtration bag made with the fiber has the advantage if good high temperature resistance and good dimension stability. It also resists to acid and alkaline. The product is widely used in fields of chemical industry, steel and iron, carbon, cement, asphalt-stirring etc. It is the most widely used materials in the field of dust collection at high temperature.

The antistatic property of non-woven needled of felt filtration bag(material)

Some fiber(especially for synthetic fiber) has high electric resistance and easily to carry electric charge. The common polypropylene felt’s surface resistance can reach 1×1014Ω. Friction on the surface of the felt for one minute can produce 2000V high-voltage electrostatic, the half-life is 1600s. The sparks occurred while the electrostatic is discharged. The sparks may cause the burning of the flammable dust inside the dust catcher. It may also cause explosion when the dust concentration reach explosion limit. Some easy charged dust concentration onto the surface of the filtration resistance. The high load will damage the filtration bag.

In addition, some dust scatters in the air, it may also cause explosion when the dust reach to certain concentration and when dust meets the sparks. Most explosive dust has particle size of 1-150um. The smaller the particle is the bigger the surface area is and the easier to cause the flame. For the dust collection of inflammable and explosive dust, we must choose the anti-static filtration materials even take special fire retardant or explosion-proof method.

In order to prevent the electrostatic hazards, we must use the conductive anti-static filtration material in certain industry conditions. The anti-static property will make the filtration material easily release the surface charge into the ground.

Our production technology to produce the non-woven felt line products with anti-static function. The method is listed as follows:

Add anti-static thread into the fabric for non-woven needle felt.
 Add conductive fibers into the fiber nets for non-woven needled felt filtration material.

Stainless steel fiber and modification conductive(carburizing) chemical fiber are commonly used. The filtration material with flame retardant properties generally refers to the fibers with limit oxygen index(LOI) more than 30. For example, PPS, P84, and PTFE fibers are safe.

For the fibers with LOI less than 30, such as polypropylene fiber, polyamide, polyester, and other filtration materials, our company can apply the flame retardant dipping treatment to reach the safety goal based on user needs.

Polyester film coated needled felt


Polyester fiber
     Polyester industrial filament base fabric
     PTFE Microporous membrane





Filtration wind speed


Air Permeability(m3/m2/min)


Bulk Density(g/m2)


Filtration precision

Dust particle size≥5µm
     Filtration efficiency100%

Tensile Strength(N/5×20cm)





Tensile Elongation(%)





Continuous Working Temperature


Instantaneous Working Temperature


Acid and alkali resistance


Dust Stripping Rate(%)


Static Dust Catching Rate(%)


Dynamic Dust Catching Rate(%)


Dynamic Resistance(%)


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